​​​Brass Heart    the musical

*concept art by Daniel Moser



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The Girl is introverted, deeply troubled, and very closed off to the world but her imagination is vivid and in Technicolor song and dance. With a score and cast as diverse at today's New York City, Brass Heart the musical follows one pivotal day in her life as she quietly creates stories and empathy for the people she encounters – commuters on the N train, the woman making coffee behind the bakery counter, coworkers at the office, bachelorettes at a bar, and tourists in midtown among many others. Ultimately, we learn the Girl’s most moving story is her own as she discovers healing and redemption through true human connection. ​

A swing dance number about online dating?

Welcome to "Weird", the second song from Brass Heart the musical

starring Ashley Arcement and featuring Carol Angeli, Ceasar F. Barajas, Kara Camille Delonas, Rashaan James II, Danielle Jordan, Brian Lawton, Samantha Lawton, Halle Morse, Karen Ng, and Eric Shorey

recorded at Smash Studios in NYC, vocals by Ashley Arcement, Carol Angeli, and Halle Morse with DeMone on keyboard, Kara Camille Delonas on bass, and Gregg Monteith on drums 

directed by Jessica Wu        choreographed by Samantha and Brian Lawton          filmed and edited by Gregg Monteith